Getting to be a part of this amazing community in and of itself is amazing. Getting invited to an amazing event like Blitsy held a few weeks ago is just heaven. Not only do I get to meet other like minded individuals, people who understand the passion of stationary and ‘needing’ just one more planner, but I also had the pleasure of meeting venders and watching them perfect their craft. 2016-05-21 16.19.33

During this event I firstly was just amazed at the studios. The studios are located in my hometown of Chicago and on a beautiful April day walking around the studio was just so inspiring. All the great places to decorate and get inspired to periscope and take great photos. We also were gifted swag bags full of amazing goodies to play with at home!! Each of the companies that shared goodies also shared some amazing ways to use the products. Deco foils shared some really creative ways to use foils to spruce up your dashboards and cards. I made a video sharing how I was able to add gorgeous foils to my calendar pages here.

Happy Planner also gifted some amazing goodies to add to my planner pages. I also love using the disc bound system because it’s so versatile. It’s a system that is completely customizable and you are all to do with it what you want, rearrange pages with great ease. One of the draw backs of a spiral bound planner is that you can’t add or take away pages so with the discs this takes that problem away.

Along with the amazing goodies and demonstrations I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women that contribute to the planner community. Women who constantly inspire and allow for that little stationary elf in our minds to continue to add to our planners and change them out as often as we like. Stickers are such a large part of adding a little happy to our planners and I was fortunate enough to see many women display some very inspiring spreads in their planners.

While there a panel was put together to answer questions to the guest that attended the event. I had the honor being on the panel with some really amazing women to help me answer some questions.

2016-05-21 16.20.25

After being on the panel I had the pleasure of getting some amazing pictures with some really wonderful women!!!



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So many wonderful ladies who just continue to inspire me 20160423_154010 20160423_153914

If you have never heard of blitsy and are curious about the site here is a link . The site not only sells amazing crafty items at great prices but also includes daily streaming and many many videos that help boost my creativity constantly!! Here is a link to their youtube channel , I’m almost positive you won’t be disappointed with this channel!! I hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into the amazing day that I had with Blitsy!!signature