I LOVE reading, I always have. The kindle Voyage  has just completely changed how often I read and how much I read. I love to carry it around in my purse because anytime I’m in the doctors office or in line at the grocery store I can usually get through a few pages if not a chapter. I love that people can’t see what I’m reading and do to the fact that we are a digital world I just kind of  blend right in when I am using it. I just can’t say enough amazing things about it.

Instagram and all the book tubers that are on there also help increase the volume of books I have been reading because it’s been one great read after another and I just can’t get enough.

So what am I boasting about in this post, well the title is Hawthrone & Heathcliff  by Regina Wamba. Before you roll your eyes at the cheesy cover of the book believe me it’s worth a read. I love reading all types of books but I mostly prefer young adult because it’s truly for pleasure. This book I have to say is so well written and the characters are so incredibly well developed that I read the book in two days. I just devoured the book. Could not get enough and when I was not reading the book I was constantly curious what was to come of the characters. What would happen. The story is incredibly wonderful and pulling at your heart. You will cry, you will feel like life isn’t fair, you will even think I want to be her or him. The amount of emotions you will feel are incredible. The book is smart, and I know that’s an odd thing to say but it’s written in a very intelligent way, not the corny kind of teenager talk that you might find in R.L Stine, (even though I am still to this day a huge fan), it’s just well written.

Without giving anything away I love how the author makes something like old sneakers something very cute and romantic. You will know what I mean once you read it! If your a romantic I think this is right up your alley, if your not I think you will love it still for the story line and the real life hardships.

This is a book I will reread several more times, I can not tell you how many people I have recommended this book to and everyone has just completely fallen in love. The story moves so beautifully and deals with real life issues. It makes you FEEL, and that isn’t always possible with books. The author just does a phenomenal job. I gave this book five stars on good reads and wish I could give it ten!!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?signature