My name is Vicky! I am a nurse, wife and mom to a wonderful daughter, one on the way and two amazing fur kids! I initially started Youtube back in 2011. Once I became a stay at home mom in 2012 I decided that I needed a community and began putting up videos about planners and journals. The amount of people that I was able to find and meet through this amazing community just has overwhelmed me. I can not believe how many like minded stationary addicts are out there!!

The opportunities that this community has given me is just amazing and has helped me with this new chapter in my life as well as a sense of belonging. I have had journals and planners since I was 8. I can not imagine my life without them. Over the years I have changed brands and sizes but one thing has always remained and that is my system. The ability to use my planner as my best friend. Someone who guides me and helps me to see the future and how to fix things from the past . Journals have always been a constant companion from helping me to work through issues, capturing vacations and memories to solving problems. It’s a best friend I could never imagine my life without!

I hope you get inspired by my website and youtube channel and continue to come back for more!