I know your confused by the title, how could an old pirate get me to do my laundry? Well…I’m referring to a recent podcast that I listened to on this American Life.  I could not stop listening to the story and didn’t realize that I had folded and put away nearly three baskets of laundry.  What did this prove to me? Well chores can get done more quickly when listening to podcasts or audio books.

Let me share with all of you first that I love stories. I love when stories are told to me, especially on weird and quirky topics. I loved hearing about Blackbeard one of the scariest pirates that ever lived. Did you know that he would tie twine into his beard and light it on fire and put it out causing dark clouds of smoke? He would do this upon meeting people creating a very intense and scary appearance, giving him the name Blackbeard. I just loved and enjoyed hearing this episode as well as listening to an episode about summer camp and what kinds of traditions are shared as well as how much fun the kids had. I had always wanted to go to a summer camp.

I have most recently been looking forward to folding and putting away laundry just so that I could plug in my headphones and listen to these podcasts. Some other great podcasts that I have enjoyed in the past are Serial. Great podcast to listen to if you love murder mysteries. This story follows a young man whose ex girlfriend was murder back when they were seniors in high school and he is in prison for it but did he really do it? The podcast does a beautiful job of reopening the case and looking at the story again forcing you to continually change your mind about who did it.

Another AMAZING podcast is S*** Town, I can promise you that once you start this you will not be able to stop or in my case you will be looking for chores to do around the house just so you can listen to it. The podcast does use some profanity and is pretty raw but I can promise the story has twists and turns that can only leave you feeling mixed emotions.  In the Dark  ,this has been my most recent listen. I am only 4 episodes in but already I can’t wait to fold more laundry so that I can continue to listen.

So what’s the moral of the story? I only listen when I am doing chores. I can not listen unless I am doing chores. With this little rule in place I find myself wanting to do them just so I can finish listening to the story. It has truly made folding laundry a pleasure, not only am I feeling accomplished but I am also listening to some great stories. It has taken away the mundane feeling that I use to have about chores and now I have this ‘it’s not so bad’ feeling about doing them. This goes for pulling weeds in the garden to dusting to any other task around the house that just was something I would dread doing.

If you don’t like the podcasts I recommend look at all the others, I am sure that one of them will peak your interest! If you are more of an audio book person the library is a great place to down load them as well!! I also highly recommend the wireless ear bud that I use. It’s very inexpensive and there are no wires so I can fold laundry, cook dinner and be able to move  hands freely without any worry of wires getting in the way or my device getting knocked onto the floor! Let me know if you give this a try and how it works for you!

I ask myself this almost every time I walk into my office. Every time I get a flyer, an email, or even a text from a store that there is a sale I go to my wish list section in my planner and look and see if it’s something I can buy. Is this a problem? My husband would say so!

I initially did think this was a problem but then I said to my husband this is what makes me happy. I use nearly everything. Some things do collect dust but I either send it away or sell it on eBay and use the funds to purchase something new. It’s almost like all the fun for me is in the research and saving up for something that really brings me joy!!

Here is an example, I have been eyeing this little typewriter from we r memory keepers. I think almost everyone  in the craft and planner community has. I research it, try and find out as much as I can about it. I then sit down and put a list together of what I might use it for. Will I use it to type out journal entries or will I use it in my filofax (this was the idea I loved most). I went on to research typewriters that were given a second chance on eBay and found that some of them were at astronomical prices. I tried using sales and coupons at Michaels but each time I was denied. I just kept it on my stationary wish list when one day low and behold there was one on the floor at Michaels in the clearance section for $50. You know she came home with me!!

The whole experience for me is what is exciting. I put so much research and thought into the things that I want to purchase that when I finally receive the item I really and truly cherish it. I rarely ever have buyers remorse. I don’t fall into the hype of having to buy something immediately because it will be gone. I usually wait until everyone else buys it and has the remorse and ends up selling in one of the resell shops on Facebook or eBay. I love a bargain and if I can get one I will do everything I can until I feel like I’m getting it for the best price.

In conclusion, do I NEED everything that I shop for? The answer, No! Do I love the entire process of researching and coming up with ideas and working on getting the best price for it …Yes!! It’s the whole point of having a hobby and a passion. It’s something that brings me joy each and every day. It’s something that I love to sit down in front of and feel all the creative energy around me. I love the space that I have created and it helps me to really want to continue to express myself! Do you enjoy the process as well?

Let me help explain the title, ‘What I want from my planner when in the wild’ .  I believe it’s been a running joke in the planner community that when ever you see a planner that is not your own in public you snap a picture and say it’s “in the wild”. It’s pretty rare to see someone walking around with a filofax and so when you do, excitement floods you and you need to snap a picture. I have not had too many encounters of this but I did see a woman using her Kate spade planner on the plane once. I wanted to so badly flip through her planner and just see what she likes to keep in there. She was busy the entire flight writing things and flipping the pages, I just stared. She may have noticed but I could not help myself.

With that said now that my older daughter is nearly four and a half she seems to have a relatively busy little life and I now work outside of the home. I found that with two kids and having doctor appointments alone  needed a space in my planner. When going to appointments with my travelers notebook I noticed people staring at my notebook which I didn’t necessarily care but if I had any other embellishments then it was just distracting and I ended up having to pick things up off the floor, I even had a time that something went flying at the receptionist. I just need something clean, simple and secure. When I leave for work I really need a fair bit of information with me at one time. I need patient info, some key orders, address, family names, emergency contacts, log ins, patient ID and the list goes on. When taking out this magical planner, again ,something big and distracting I found I was losing things, If something was dangling it was really distracting when talking with patients. People are really focused on the distraction and well it just does not feel very professional to have stickers and ribbons and such popping out when discussing patient care.    

I automatically needed to look for something beautiful, functional and professional. A favorite was one I had found at Gigi New York but it is so so expensive. Luckily google helped me out and I found that on a site called graphic image I was able to find this beautiful cover at about the third of the cost. I don’t see it listed any longer and that might be why it was at such a discount but boy oh boy am I in love with it.  The look of this is just beautiful. It is a notebook cover. The beauty of this is that I can use it as a discbound system or really any kind of system. I have just placed the spiral notebook that it came with. A Leuchtturm A5 notebook fits perfectly as well, the possibilities are endless with a notebook cover.

I love the sleek and clean look. Yes, people still might ask but because I have a notebook in there they just assume that it is a notebook and I get fewer questions. Things do fall out and I just have a pen attached to a pen loop so I can always easily jot down thoughts, ideas and appointments.

This of course is not my ONLY planner because of course I have more but it works really great for when I am in the real world. I can easily and quickly grab it and it works at the grocery store, doctors office and at patient homes. For now its great! Do you love seeing planners in the wild too? Do you see many? Please let me know!





During Halloween time I love to seek out some of the creepiest books out there. I usually turn to Stephen King or his son Joe Hill. Once I read Horns I was immediately obsessed with Joe Hill and  have read every one of his books since then. I think the creepiest by far is NOS4A2, that book is just terrifying. I love to be just scared senseless. Well, the other day while looking for something creepy I ran into  a thread of people sharing some of their favorite Stephen King books and Geralds’ Game was mentioned a few times. I had never heard of it before but happened to find it at a Half Price Books store. I was beyond excited and felt as though it was meant to be. geraldsgame

Without giving away much of the story I couldn’t wrap my head around how this could happen and how we could turn this into an entire book. I should have known that a master like Stephen King could take something so simple and twist it into something that is a complete nightmare! He really and truly turns something that seems innocent and fun into something that quickly becomes your absolute worst nightmare!

The book is of course written as any other Stephen King book with great detail so you feel the pain that the main character is experiencing as well as the creepiness of it all. Something I love about this author is that he holds onto the more classic feel of a horror scene. He is just so great about setting the scene whether it be in a hotel or even in a high school, he manages to just make it creepy. He does the same at this cabin, something that should be jovial and a place to spend happy summers suddenly is a desolate and creepy place.  A fun sex came turns bad and now as the reader we spend some painful minutes with the main character. There is a scene with some blood and gore so perhaps for those of you with a weak stomach you may want to skip a few pages. King manages to involve a dog in this book and not as a friendly companion but instead as a feared beast!

The book is told through the eyes of the main character and all of her feelings and voices. There were times that I wanted to put the book down because I was just so creeped out. I’m using the word creepy alot but it’s really and truly what I felt the whole entire time.

If you are searching for the creep factor and just some great classic horror entertainment give this book a whirl. It’s housed on my shelf with my other King favorites!

Have you read this book?!? If so please share your thoughts!


Recently Avery reached out to me and had shared that they noticed I use alot of their products within my planners. I couldn’t believe that they noticed but I was so flattered. They had shared with me that they are having a go with planners and would like to see what I could come up with. I personally love making my own planners. I have found in the past that whenever I find myself in a planner rut or I can’t decide what I want I make my own. I love making my own planners and it helps me to play with all different kinds of layouts.

Many times I watch videos and watch people struggle with planners and they buy so many things and then feel frustrated and lost, this is where I reccomend making one yourself. You can just buy a notebook and draw out what you would like your layouts to look like or if you would like to dry rings you can pick up a binder and see what you like as a set up there. The options are just endless when you start making your own.


Pictured on the left is a really gorgeous planner choice. I love this one but I also love the binder that allows you to slip in your own picture so you can really personalize the planner!


dsc_0457You can see that I went a little crazy with printing out stickers. I can not get over how fun and easy the software is to use. If you haven’t seen my video be sure to check it out and see for yourself how much fun I had!  On some of the labels I choose and image from Pinterest and others I went with the images available from Avery.

dsc_0464I used a full sheet  of the Avery labels and printed out some fun Starbucks stickers and some Christmas countdown stickers. For these larger sticker sheets I love love using my gyro cut to kiss cut them. It’s such a great tool to have with me at all times and I just love it! You can cut a bunch of stickers all at once or just do them as needed. dsc_0463


Something else that is really great when you print on these Avery full sheet labels is I can use my copic markers and I can add some great colors and really personalize my planner stickers.



In the picture featured on the right I printed on full sheet labels also but this time I used the software that is available on the avery site. I love the really cute images that they offer and then I added my out text, I added Olivia’s School where the little school house is and I just thought it was adorable and eye catching to just pop into my planner.


The little donuts are also on the Avery page I thought they were just the perfect sticker to use for my little newborn. The poor little newborns I feel go in all the time, at least once a month for shots and wellness checks and I thought I could keep on top of it with these super cute stickers.  With colored stickers I think they are great to use for color coding but because I don’t do much color coding I put ‘remember to’ so that I can highlight important things  and the bright colors stand out in my planner!dsc_0472 dsc_0472

Moving on to tabs, this is what can make your planner very personal. Many people tend to change these with the seasons and I can see why. It not only makes it pretty but  also is a place that your are drawn to and you want to open the  planner. It’s fun to dress up the planner just to keep your interests. Not dsc_0473everyone likes to do this but I do on occasions. I used little rectangle stickers again to add headers on the tabs and I like how they turned out. I found some really cute images of a squirrel and so I added that along with the text. I also thought it would be fun to do some personal art work to once again make it feel personal. It’s so much fun to add personal touches to really make it feel like your own. January has the little snowman and a little heart tree for February.

dsc_0475 dsc_0477

In the picture on the left I took out the inserts and printed an image that I found on pinterest. I love doing this because it dresses up a page without adding too much bulk to the planner. I also feels like it keeps it simple and clean. I also feel this makes it more appropriate to bring to a meeting and have out in front of others without it feeling too much like a scrapbook.

dsc_0482A final touch that I wanted to add was that you can add Daytimer inserts or Franklin Covey as well as the inserts from the dollar spot at Target!! Just because they have seven holes doesn’t mean that it doesn’t fit into the three ring punch.

There are just so so many options when you choose to do everything yourself. I personally love to do this whenever I need a little reset with my planner or just feel lost or overwhelmed. I think that when you are able to just figure things out on your own and use inspiration from all kinds of sources your mind is forced to focus and select things that work for you.

I really enjoy all the Avery products and have been using them for a very long time to make my planners and journals feel very personal. Check out my coordinating video!  Do you use any Avery in your planners or journals?



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