I LOVE my travelers notebooks. I love my dogs. Why not combine them? How might you ask? Well the other day I went to my P.O. Box and received a wonderful package from Glenda who is the shop owner of bypaperflower on etsy. Now I am no stranger to Glendas’ work because she was kind enough to send me a beautiful cover for my hobonichi that I absolutely love and adore. I still use it each and everyday because I love how it feels in my hands as well as the wonderful leather aroma that it has.

This time I was so shocked at the gift that I received that I squealed and jumped up and down. My husband was definitely giving me an interesting look to say the least. Once he did see the gorgeousness that Glenda had gifted me he could totally understand. I immediately ran to my camera and filmed the unboxing. 

Here are some close up looks of the travelers notebook.

IMG_20160525_155543     The leather on this travelers notebooks is very floppy, and supple. This will show beautiful age and will scuff so nicely. The aroma of the leather is once again intoxicating. The picture of Nacho is one that Tracy Reinhardt had done for me and it’s absolutely amazing. She did an incredible job of capturing him and she sent me the original copy that I have hanging in my home. I just love to have his picture with me at all times. Our pets are so beloved to us and I have had Nacho for 12 years now. He has been with me since I was a senior in college. I have lived in several apartments and houses, several relationships and jobs kids and other pets. Nacho has been there right by my side to see me through it all. To have him on a notebook is just everything. I LOVE looking at this notebook and it just brings a big smile to my face.

The attention to the pockets is always a favorite of mine when it comes to travelers notebooks. Some folks love to keep theirs simple and I of course can appreciate this but with the way that people are now using TN’s with stickers and as wallets it makes lots of sense to include pockets to house all of these items.

DSC_0059DSC_0053The charms are also such a great little touch. Many really love to personalize their TN and charms are really the perfect way to be able to do this. I love that the charms are really light weight and a cute embellishment. The elastics are really great and sturdy. That’s something that actually is important because if the elastics are flimsy and not right then your notebooks are not placed nicely and can make for a really uncomfortable experience with your TN.

The pockets in the back have a thinner piece of leather that has an almost gold shine to it. Being that it is a thinner piece  is really great because it doesn’t add to much weight or bulk to the notebook. If you start to put in your notebooks and pockets and folders and organizers etc, then you will see how beneficial it really is to have slimmer pieces of leather to make up your pockets. DSC_0060

Of course the best for last, the photo of Nacho! Nacho is actually printed onto the leather and then that same gorgeous leather fabric that makes the pockets on the inside is stitched around his photo! It’s a really beautiful touch that I just love so so incredibly much. The amount of heart that went into putting this beautiful gift together for me is just amazing and I don’t know how I could ever thank her for giving me something that I can treasure forever!