I ask myself this almost every time I walk into my office. Every time I get a flyer, an email, or even a text from a store that there is a sale I go to my wish list section in my planner and look and see if it’s something I can buy. Is this a problem? My husband would say so!

I initially did think this was a problem but then I said to my husband this is what makes me happy. I use nearly everything. Some things do collect dust but I either send it away or sell it on eBay and use the funds to purchase something new. It’s almost like all the fun for me is in the research and saving up for something that really brings me joy!!

Here is an example, I have been eyeing this little typewriter from we r memory keepers. I think almost everyone  in the craft and planner community has. I research it, try and find out as much as I can about it. I then sit down and put a list together of what I might use it for. Will I use it to type out journal entries or will I use it in my filofax (this was the idea I loved most). I went on to research typewriters that were given a second chance on eBay and found that some of them were at astronomical prices. I tried using sales and coupons at Michaels but each time I was denied. I just kept it on my stationary wish list when one day low and behold there was one on the floor at Michaels in the clearance section for $50. You know she came home with me!!

The whole experience for me is what is exciting. I put so much research and thought into the things that I want to purchase that when I finally receive the item I really and truly cherish it. I rarely ever have buyers remorse. I don’t fall into the hype of having to buy something immediately because it will be gone. I usually wait until everyone else buys it and has the remorse and ends up selling in one of the resell shops on Facebook or eBay. I love a bargain and if I can get one I will do everything I can until I feel like I’m getting it for the best price.

In conclusion, do I NEED everything that I shop for? The answer, No! Do I love the entire process of researching and coming up with ideas and working on getting the best price for it …Yes!! It’s the whole point of having a hobby and a passion. It’s something that brings me joy each and every day. It’s something that I love to sit down in front of and feel all the creative energy around me. I love the space that I have created and it helps me to really want to continue to express myself! Do you enjoy the process as well?