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Welcome!!   It’s time to take control of your journal and add the beauty that is your life to the pages of it!! I get asked many times where I find the inspiration to fill my journals and all I can say is that I get it from living life everyday. In this course I will teach you how to capture all the moments in your life and create beautiful pages in your journal. You will learn to look at the world in a different way that allows you to really appreciate and notice the little things in life. I will share my favorite journals and supplies as well as a look into my personal journals!!


  • What is the Point? 

    I do not do anything special, what is the point? If you are someone who is asking yourself this then in this section I will help show you how important your life really is and the treasure that you will create in your journal!


    • What’s the Point?! Why should I Journal Everyday?
  • Supplies! 

    This is the fun part!! In this section I show you some of my favorites to use in my journals!


    • Supplies! What Do I Need!?!?
  • Gaining Inspiration!  0/1

    • Quick Memory Keeping!
  • Using More Than One Notebook!  0/1

    • Journaling In Several Journals
  • Getting 'Creative' With Our Journals!  0/1

    • Getting ‘Creative’ With Our Journals!
  • Journaling In A Travelers Notebook  0/1

    • Journaling In a Travelers Notebook!
  • Test Out Those Scribbles!  0/1

    • Put Your Scribbles Down!
  • Let The Sketching Begin! Pt. 2  0/1

    • Let The Sketching Begin!! Pt. 2
  • Add Some Color! Pt. 3  0/1

    • Add Some Color !! Pt. 3